It has been a very pleasant and satisfying collaboration. Bruce had a thorough knowledge of the scores we were performing and treated his orchestra musicians with respect. Performances went smoothly and were as rehearsed, with no surprises mid-concert. I have worked with many ‘top’ conductors in performances with the PSO, and Maestro Lauffer has matched or exceeded their accompanying ability. I look forward to working with Maestro Lauffer in the future, with no misgivings. Bruce is a serious musician. He is a good listener and takes musical suggestion easily from the soloist. He is quite devoted to conducting and has an excellent reputation in the Pittsburgh area. He obviously enjoys developing orchestras to their fullest potential. I personally intend to use my own contacts within China to book concerts in the future with Mr. Lauffer. I have that trust in his musical ability.” - Adam Liu, Assistant Principal Cello - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
[Bruce Lauffer], "in my opinion , is an excellent orchestra conductor and also a very personable and knowledgeable musician. He has wide experience in all styles of music ranging from the " classics " to " pop " and " big band swing." It is a pleasure working with Maestro Lauffer and his orchestra  -  You make the holidays for me and others!" ” - Joe Negri, World Renowned Guitarist/Recording Artist/Educator
When I have a concert with an orchestra, I need a conductor who not only has years of experience and leads his orchestra with confidence, but just as importantly, I need a conductor who places the same amount of passion and artistic integrity into the performance of the music as I did when I created it. That is why my first choice is always Maestro Bruce Lauffer. In my years of performing and unveiling new works, I have never seen a conductor who has such respect from his orchestra, and at the same time delivers such ultra high quality music. Through his exquisite conducting and artistic direction on my album, "Jace Vek Live" we achieved top 5 ranking on radio airplay on 300 radio stations in 22 countries internationally." As we prepare a nationwide launch and tour of my newest music, we will be looking to Maestro Lauffer for his leadership - He is among the very best there is!” - Jace Vek, 2 Time Emmy Award Winning Composer/Recording Artist
....working with Bruce Lauffer this past December at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center was a wonderful collaborative effort. Mr. Lauffer's understanding of my orchestral book proved his insightful knowledge of all music genres. He is a consummate professional with never-ending musical integrity. His positive rapport with me, my trio and all orchestra members brought to the stage a most refreshing and uplifting work climate - something we all know translates so positively to the audience.” - Joe Augustine, Steinway Artist, National Recording Artist, Jazz Pianist/Educator
Bruce, terrific job!  I thank you and the members of the Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra for commissioning this work [Knockout!] for their 40th Anniversary.  Your performance was very good, and I appreciate your sensitive interpretation.  My sincere thanks for your continued support of my music.” - David Stock, Composer/Conductor
..[Bruce].....just a note of thanks for commissioning The Winds of Summer.  I thought your students did a tremendous job and the concert was a huge success.  You did an outstanding job preparing the ensemble, and special note of thanks to the terrific job with your interpretation of my work.  Special note to the percussion section, and their very solid performance of movement III.  David did an outstanding job with the saxophone solo.  I hope that both you and David [soloist] were as pleased with the performance as I was."  Bravo!!!” - David Stock, Composer/Conductor
I was very pleased with the performance of my two pieces.  I thought Music for Prague and Apothesis of This Earth went extremely well.  The ensemble was well prepared and the result was tremendous. You are a wonderful musician and conductor, and I thank you for playing my music."  Kindest regards.” - Karel Husa, Pulitizer Winning Composer
I have watched [Bruce] grow into an exceptional conductor and educator.  Bruce Lauffer is an excellent musician and has learned his craft well.  He has outstanding technique and communicates clearly to his ensembles through this technique.  His rehearsals are meaningful and efficient.  He is well prepared in his score study and knows exactly what he wants the composition to sound like.  His skills are polished and refined.  Bruce Lauffer is a professional in his demeanor on and off the podium.  He relates well to people and his personality is warm, sincere, and friendly.  He has the rare ability to encourage others to rise above their normal ability.” - Elizabeth A. H. Green - Author/Educator - Professor Emeritus - The University of Michigan
In addition to being and inspiring and dedicated teacher, Lauffer is a highly talented and inspiring conductor and extends his teaching and leadership to this role as well.  His reputation in the Pittsubrgh area is as one of the mainstays of the rich orchestral scene in the area.  I have had the pleasure of observing him in rehearsal and performance.  He spends a great deal of time in study and this makes for very efficient and time sensitive rehearsals.  His work with musicians is courteous but always intently focused on the goal at hand.  Lauffer is a superb musician and inspiring mentor.  He is a loyal and a tireless worker, amicable and passionate about music.” - Dr. Michael Cerveris
 "I have worked with Bruce several times over the past year with the River City Brass Band. His reputation as a conductor proceeded him before he took on this task. He is precise with the baton and a great person to work for. He is funny, easy to get along with, and loves to joke around with the musicians between pieces during a concert. But when he starts to conduct a piece of music, he is all business. Bruce sets high standards for himself and the ensemble. The biggest impression I have with Bruce is when he guest conducted one concert during the middle of an eight-concert series in October, 2009. He did listen and take notes during rehearsals, but he conducted the concert cold that Sunday afternoon in Johnstown and did a magnificant job. Well done! I would recommend Bruce for any conducting job, whether it be from classical to jazz to pops.” - David Piecka, Principal Horn, River City Brass Band